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(Mage of the Mirror)

Elf Quest Pack


This expansion has never been officially published in 日本語.

Description - Quest Book - Cards - Tiles
Leaflet - Miniatures

Enter the forbidden mirror maze...if you dare!

Greetings, bravest of all Elves! The Queen of the Elven Kingdom anxiously awaits your return. Your homeland is in turmoil as the Queen's evil sister, Sinestra the Archmage, has joined forces with Zargon. Sinestra has kidnapped the Queen's daughter Millandriell and hidden her in a dark and mysterious mirror maze.

Fearless Elf, you have been chosen to rescue the fair Princess. To determine your worthiness, you alone must complete three dangerous Quests. If you survive, you and your fellow Heroes will then venture into the forbidden Realm of Reflection - where all is not as it seems. There you must destroy Sinestra and rescue the Princess from the dark forces of Chaos!

  • Contents
  • Quest Book with 10 new Quests
    including 3 solo adventures for the Elf
  • 13 finely-detailed plastic figures
  • Full-colour, cardboard tile sheet
  • 30 new game cards

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HeroQuest 鏡の魔法使い Quest Book

Quest Book (English)

10 Quests in total.

  • Includes:
  • 3 Solo Quests for the Elf
  • 5 Group Quests
  • 1 Double Quest

This Quest Book file is in booklet format.

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HeroQuest 鏡の魔法使い Artifacts

Artifacts (English)

7 Cards in total.

  • Includes:
  • Ancient Staff
  • Bone Wand
  • Elven Boots
  • Elven Bow of Vindication
  • Elven Bracers
  • Sky Orb
  • Spell Scroll: Treasure Without Doom
HeroQuest 鏡の魔法使い Chaos Spells

Chaos Spells (English)

7 Cards in total.

  • Includes:
  • Dispell
  • Mind Blast
  • Mirror Magic
  • Reanimation
  • Restore Chaos
  • Summon Wolves
  • Werewolf's Curse
HeroQuest 鏡の魔法使い Monsters

Monsters (English)

4 Cards in total.

  • Includes:
  • Elven Archer
  • Elven Warrior
  • Giant Wolf
  • Ogre
HeroQuest 鏡の魔法使い Treasure

Treasure (English)

4 Cards in total.

  • Includes:
  • Air Walk
  • Elven Cloak of Passage
  • Treasure Hoard!
  • Wolfsbane Potion
HeroQuest 鏡の魔法使い Elf Spells

Elf Spells (English)

8 Cards in total.

  • Includes:
  • Deep Sleep
  • Disappear
  • Double Image
  • Flashback
  • Hypnotic Blaze
  • Slow
  • Timestop
  • Twist Wood

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HeroQuest 鏡の魔法使い Elf Tiles


HeroQuest 鏡の魔法使い Tile Sheet One

Un-Punched Tile Sheet One

HeroQuest 鏡の魔法使い Tile Sheet Two

Un-Punched Tile Sheet Two

HeroQuest 鏡の魔法使い Tile Sheet Three

Un-Punched Tile Sheet Three

HeroQuest 鏡の魔法使い Tile Sheet Four

Un-Punched Tile Sheet Four

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HeroQuest 鏡の魔法使い Leaflet

Leaflet (English)

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HeroQuest 鏡の魔法使い Miniatures


13 finely-detailed plastic figures (1 Female Elf, 1 Elven Archmage, 2 Elven Warriors, 2 Elven Archers, 3 Giant Wolves, 4 Ogre Warriors)

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