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(Return of the Witch Lord)


This expansion has never been officially published in 日本語.

Description - Quest Book
Tiles - Miniatures & Furniture

... the Witch Lord lives! His foul sorcery has protected him from the power of the Spirit Blade. We must move fast if we are to stop him from raising the Legion of the Damned.

The adventure continues... the Emperor and the remnants of his army are besieged in Karak Varn. Time is running out for them, yet a greater evil must be twarted.

The Witch Lord lives. He broods deeply beneath the Black Mountains, rekindling the embers of his malevolent ambitions. He has fled Barak Tor and has sought refuge in his subterranean fortress beneath the fallen city of Kalos. Soon he will have recovered enough strength to lead his skeleton army once more.

You must journey across the Plains of Death and seek out the Witch Lord. Only by defeating him in personal combat can you save the Empire from the ravages of his accursed legions.

  • Contents
  • A new Quest book with ten new adventures.
  • 4 Zombies, 8 Skeletons, 4 Mummies.
  • New full colour gameboard overlays.

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HeroQuest 魔導師主の帰還 Quest Book

Quest Book (English)

10 Quests in total.

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HeroQuest 魔導師主の帰還 Tiles


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HeroQuest 魔導師主の帰還 Miniatures


16 finely-detailed Monsters (8 Skeletons, 4 Mummies, 4 Zombies)

HeroQuest 魔導師主の帰還 Furniture


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